QTerm 7.0

The 7.0 version of QTerm brings a new look and easily accessible function panels which can be permanently displayed (pinned) or can be automatically hidden and only displayed when moused over. Mutiple frame windows are also supported with one or more terminal windows in each frame. This allows you to easily take advantage of multiple monitors.

If you are interested in trying out the new version please click here to download the software

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Web-UTS Web-T27
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Desktop Terminal Emulation

The QTerm UTS and T27 high performance emulators bring you the modern Windows user interface features you expect; toolbars, context menus, tabbed dialogs etc. on up to 32 screens. Scripting, macros, file transfer and sophisticated print capabilities are all included, plus advanced features like encryption and automation. Download QTerm for a test drive

Check out your host access options with Quickware technologies and please contact us if you require any customization of standard product.

Web Terminal Emulation

The Web-UTS and Web-T27 controls provide full terminal emulation inside your web browser with up to 32 screens. Also consider the QTermJava applets for cross platform support.

Customized Host Connectivity

Build host access apps by incorporating our ActiveX controls in, for example, a VB program. This allows you ultimate control over how host data is presented and what information is available to individual users.

Server Solutions

The AccessServer provides a secure relay for host access with encryption, authentication, concurrent usage and access control. It can be used with the Quickware emulation products, and third party clients. Supports a message based, high performance, data port for INT1 sessions in an airlines environment and custom solutions.