ClearConnect Install

Quickware Inc.


This document describes how to install the included files on to your web server to implement the ClearView management web and the ClearConnect web which provides your network users with access to ClearPath host(s).


The target server must be running Windows 2000 server or later and have the .NET framework installed (see Microsoft web site).  The IIS web service service must be installed and operational.

Install Files

The release includes the following files which you should make available on your server:

  • Setup.exe
  • Setup.ini
  • ClearViewSetup.msi

and one or more of the following terminal emulator packages

  • SetupUTS.exe
  • SetupT27.exe
  • QTermUTSjava.jar
  • QTermT27java.jar

with one or more settings files:

  • QTermUTS.cfg
  • QTermT27.cfg

Note that update releases include the following QTerm packages that have only the new QTerm programs:


Installation Process

  1. If your release is in a zip file then first extract all files into a temporary folder. 
  2. Run the Setup.exe program (from CD or the temporary folder) to install the ClearView web and the ClearConnect web.
  3. Use Windows explorer to to modify the security settings on the inetpub/wwwroot/ClearConnect/_DataFiles folder to allow write access for the ASPNET process.  This is so that the database may be updated and the log files can be written.
  4. The setup copies the terminal emulator packages into the inetpub/wwwroot/ClearConnect/QTermDownloads folder.
  5. Use QConfigUTS.exe or QConfigT27.exe to edit the default settings file (eg QTermUTS.cfg).  Here you can set up screen colors and macros etc. 

    For QTerm users only:
  6. The settings file, as installed, is already setup.  Otherwise, the Server Based Initialization parameters in the Paths Settings page must be set to Server Database Mode and the Admin Server URL to http://yourServerAdr/ClearConnect/AdminRequest.aspx.  The  Download Profile and Remote notification boxes should be checked. 
  7. If you are using the zip file mode for user installs (not the install script mode) then you need to place the setup program and the settings file in an emulator package zip file (eg or

Configuring the System

Use your browser to navigate to the ClearView web on this server to start the process of configuring your database, building up your departments, users, terminals etc.

Note for QTerm Users

To start the initial install of QTerm you need to inform your users to navigate to the ClearConnect web and click on the Options button, then click on Install QTerm, or navigate directly to ClearConnect/Install.aspx.  They will then see a login screen with an Install button which downloads a file.  The action then depends on whether you have set the script file mode or the zip file mode in the profile.  If the zip file mode then the user must then expand all files into a temporary folder and run the setup, else just open the script file to load and start the setup.