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User Access

with ClearConnect

Your users can access your ClearPath host in one of two ways, via a QTerm emulator program or using a browser with our web ActiveX control or Java applet (eg WebUTS or QTermJavaT27).  When the emulator starts it has the settings (terminals, hosts etc) that you provided in the database and can connect directly to the host.

Remember that a user is known to the the system by a unique user name so it is possible for a user to use both methods of access.  Perhaps using the QTerm emulator from the office and using a browser for casual access from another location.  The same configured settings are accessed in both modes.

Browser Access

Here is where you simply navigate to the ClearConnect web on your web site and logon using a user name and password.  Note that usage of a password is entirely optional and you may decide that your users do not need this added level of security on your intranet.

The logon page includes an Options buttons which is used to display some advanced features, including Install QTerm and Register.  The install button is discussed below, under QTerm Access.   The register button is discussed in Setting Up.

The browser receives an HTML stream that includes a reference to the emulator object (ActiveX or Java) and takes the appropriate action to load the object.  This entails checking version numbers and downloading the software if required; all transparent to the user.

QTerm Access

QTerm is run simply by clicking on the desktop icon or choosing from the start menu.  Every time QTerm is started it retrieves the profile from the server and checks to see if a new version is available.  If so, it downloads the new version and quits.  Connecting to the host entails having the correctly configured host entries, which are retrieved from the ClearConnect server in the profile.  Each terminal may be configured to automatically open a connection to a host at startup or on demand by using the toolbar or network menu.  Please see the QTerm help for more details.