Using ClearView

It is recommended that you setup ClearView with anonymous web access disabled so as to only allow you and your fellow supervisors to control the system.

The ClearView interface is intuitive in the style of a Windows program, with an icon bar to the left.  The icons you will use most are the Status and Settings.  To begin with the Settings is where you will spend most of your time, creating and modifying the database entries.

Both the Status and the Settings pages present information in the style of tabbed dialogs; simply click the desired tab to display that information.

The settings pages provide a very rich view of the departments/users/terminals etc in a tree view from which you can select individual entries to edit.  Some of that same information is also made available in editable lists on the Hosts, Users and Terminals tabs.  This does two things.  First it allows you to see (and edit) multiple entries on the same page.  Secondly it allows you to see all items without being limited by the group to which they belong.

The status pages display statistical information about users and terminals.  Also the Logs tab displays information from the log files in the ClearConnect/_DataFiles directory.

The Tools icon takes you to a set of pages that provide simulation of user activities and some low level display of database entries.