QTerm 7.0

The 7.0 version of QTerm brings a new look and easily accessible function panels which can be permanently displayed (pinned) or can be automatically hidden and only displayed when moused over. Mutiple frame windows are also supported with one or more terminal windows in each frame. This allows you to easily take advantage of multiple monitors.

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Feature List


QTermT27 delivers reliable, fully featured Unisys T27 terminal emulation. It provides all the functionality of the Unisys T27 terminal, with the ease of use of a desktop application. This application provides T27 terminal support for A-Series mainframe connectivity using the latest styles and graphical interface objects.

QTermT27 is fully operable with other desktop applications without the need for special drivers or custom interfaces.

Sample T27 screen

Installation and Setup

QTermT27 can be easily installed from a single diskette or via a file server in your network. All settings are configured from within one easy to use tabbed dialog:

Optional features:

  • Central Terminal and Host file definitions
  • Server based concurrent usage option

Network Connectivity

QTermT27 connects to a Unisys host over any compliant Winsock TCP/IP stack utilizing the underlying network media (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI etc). Using the Winsock interface, it can also be used with PPP or SLIP on a dial up connection into the internet or over your private intranet.

  • Industry standard WinSock support
  • Supports HLC and/or DCP connections
  • Dot addressing or named connections

Terminal Types

QTermT27 provides a consistent, powerful, yet simple to use, user interface, regardless of your network connection, with the following emulated terminal types:

  • TD830-ASCII
  • TD830
  • TD830-NDL



  • Central administration and event notification
  • Choice of server initialization modes
  • Run time details loaded from a network server
  • Automatic software updates
  • Up to 32 concurrent terminal sessions with user-controlled window size and placement
  • No InfoConnect Modules Required


  • "Coolbar" toolbars, wrappable and customizable
  • Various toolbars provide easy access to system facilities
  • View menu allows multiple toolbars to be viewed concurrently
  • Terminals toolbar supports rapid terminal switching and msg arrival notification
  • Script toolbar displays script variables values


  • Keymap list displays all current key mappings
  • Full featured scripting language automates repetitive tasks
  • Screen drag'n'drop
  • Right mouse context menu support
  • Insert/Overtype modes
  • Dynamic font selection
  • Automatic font sizing
  • Full Cut, Copy and Paste including Block and Normal select modes
  • Double click can transmit or select a word etc
  • Terminal response time measured in 1/100 ths of a second
  • Send screen to mail recipient
  • Full color support with graphics
  • Graphics file save feature
  • Visual history pane
  • Capture text to file
  • Macro recorder


  • Complete password security for all configuration functions
  • Row/column sizes up to 255
  • Initial transaction
  • Alternate host
  • Idle session timeout
  • Sounds/actions/completions
  • Connect, Disconnect, Exit scripts
  • Terminal color settings allows individual field type selections
  • Terminal startup actions
  • Unlimited macros
  • Macro import/export
  • Language/country settings include user definable country tables
  • Key settings supports 3 keyboard styles
  • Multiple shortcut keys supported for each command
  • Screen hotspots
  • Sounds configured for major events
  • All pertinent settings are on a per terminal basis
  • Various print modes
  • Each terminal may be assigned its own printer
  • Printer settings include a translation table
  • Printing margins (top and left) supported via Page Setup dialog
  • Printer portrait/landscape mode remembered
  • Support for any operating system compliant printer (direct and network)
  • Print to file

File Transfer

  • Built in support for the following file transfer protocol products:

    • FTP
    • Text
  • "Most recently used files" used in file transfer selection dialogs
  • Progress displayed on toolbar


  • Online help file with embedded graphics and context help
  • Start with trace on option
  • Trace dialog supports comments and trace type filtering
  • LogViewer allows real time selection and viewing of logged events


QTerm offers the most complete selection of printing options available in T27 emulation today. Each terminal session may have a configured printer, locally or network connected. Portrait/landscape, top/left margins, and other forms control specifications are maintained by QTerm. All printing performed by QTerm utilizes the operating system print mechanisms allowing the latest printer technology and support to be available to the QTerm user.

QTerm provides configuration options to support new and old printers; laser, ink jet, and dot matrix. Host specified printer control sequences may be passed by QTerm to the printer, allowing host management of forms control, font selection, and other printer characteristics. Options are provided to determine the physical printer operation, including:

  • Print after form feed
  • Print after receipt of configured string
  • Print after configured number of pages received. 

Printer translation tables, Print to file, and Shadow printing provide additional flexibility in satisfying the requirements of host printing.