QTerm 7.0

The 7.0 version of QTerm brings a new look and easily accessible function panels which can be permanently displayed (pinned) or can be automatically hidden and only displayed when moused over. Mutiple frame windows are also supported with one or more terminal windows in each frame. This allows you to easily take advantage of multiple monitors.

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Host Definition Format


Host definitions exist as strings of comma separated values in several of the Quickware products.  The following list details the format of the host definition.  Unspecified parameters should be defaulted by using a single space.  Unwanted string parameters may replaced with a single dash (-).

Host String
hostName, appName, ipAddr, port, transport, csu, conTimeOut, domain, bufSize, comment, altHost, initialTxn, secure, authenticate, connectRetries, keepAlive, wait1stMsg, connectScript, disconnectScript, singleSignOn, sourcePortType, sourcePortBase

Field Description Default Value
hostName this is any name you like to specify the host, it does not have to match any configuration parameter on the host (max 32 chars)  
appName the application name as configured on the host  [UTS only]  
ipAddr IP address in dot notation or network name (max 128 chars)  
port the tcp/ip port number on which the host is listening  
transport T(tcp) or D(dtp-tcp) T
csu the CSU name as configured on the host (max 8 chars) [UTS only]  
conTimeOut connection time out in seconds  
domain the domain name or IP address used when singleSignOn is set to Kerberos  
bufSize [not used]  
comment a string describing this host (max 128 chars)  
altHost the name of another configured host to be used if a connection attempt to this host fails (max 32 chars)  
initialTxn text to be sent to the host after a successful connection is made (max 128 chars)  
secure the encryption type (0=none, 3=SSL3) 0
authenticate optionally used when secure is non zero to request server authentication (0=no, 1=yes) 0
connectRetries number of connect retries 3
keepAlive set the tcp/ip keepalive option (0=off, 1=on) 1
wait1stMsg wait for first message from host (0=no, 1=yes) 1
connectScript the name of a script to be run after connecting, or blank  
disconnectScript the name of a script to be run after disconnecting, or blank  
singleSignOn to use single sign on host authentication (0=none, 1=NTLM, 2=Kerberos) 0
sourcePortType local tcp port to be used (0=fixed, 1=fixed only, 2=automatic)
  • fixed uses the sourcePortBase + terminal number initially but uses automatic if the port cannot be assigned
  • fixed only just uses the sourcePortBase + terminal number
  • automatic uses a local port number assigned by the tcp stack


0 (QTerm)

2 (ActiveX)

sourcePortBase local port number to be used as the base for fixed type allocation 6001