QTerm 7.0

The 7.0 version of QTerm brings a new look and easily accessible function panels which can be permanently displayed (pinned) or can be automatically hidden and only displayed when moused over. Mutiple frame windows are also supported with one or more terminal windows in each frame. This allows you to easily take advantage of multiple monitors.

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QTermJavaT27  is a java applet that provides the complete functionality of a T27 type terminal connected over TCP/IP to a Unisys A-Series mainframe. An HTML page on a web server is accessed from a user's desktop to automatically download the QTermJavaT27. The first access may involve downloading of the java plug-in.


  • Central administration
  • Automatic software versioning
  • Support for up to 32 terminals
  • Scriptable properties, methods and events (see the JavaDoc)
  • Automatic font sizing
  • Full color support 
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Right mouse click context menu
  • Double click mouse actions
  • "Command recall" facility
  • Keymap list displays short cut key mappings
  • Support for any operating system compliant printer (direct and network)
  • Print to file

User Access

The users access your web server via the browser on their desktop, as to any web site.  The applet is then downloaded, with host and terminal information.

All things considered, the user is unaware of most of the "under the hood operations" and simply accesses a web page that allows access to a mainframe as if he/she were connecting from a regular terminal or terminal emulator.

Programming Details

For programming details please see the JavaDoc